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Welcome. This domain,, is actually a link shortener domain. It provides a short URL to gifs located on our main site The short links are located on promotion gifs that you might find around the 'net. Sadly though, Google flags this site as a potential spam site. It isn't really. It's a link shortening domain, and I thought it would be a waste not to list some gifs on this page too.

Choose a gif from our growing directory of gifs than can be customized. Selected gifs can be personalized, colors and fonts, changed, or have their animations directly edited.

Note that duplicate thumbnails will animate differently

Rolling in to a good morning
Birthday cake blue paisley background and sparkles
Rainbow cake with happy balloons
Colors and sparkles and stars oh my
Ocean view sunrise and paper airplane
Birthday Cake GIF with flowers confetti stream
Birthday Bunny Investigates Balloons
Birthday Bunny Investigates Balloons
Morning Frogs greet you at the well
Silvery Birthday Letters and Golden Stars
Heart fireworks and raspberry cupcake
Morning with music and butterfly
Purple Party Platter Birthday
Cute dragon lighting birthday candles
Thank You Dancers in disco
Tea in the morning
Singing penguin on a birthday cake
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