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Welcome. This domain,, is actually a link shortener domain. It provides a short URL to gifs located on our main site The short links are located on promotion gifs that you might find around the 'net. Sadly though, Google flags this site as a potential spam site. It isn't really. It's a link shortening domain, and I thought it would be a waste not to list some gifs on this page too.

Choose a gif from our growing directory of gifs than can be customized. Selected gifs can be personalized, colors and fonts, changed, or have their animations directly edited.

Note that duplicate thumbnails will animate differently

A View and a Morning Coffee
Birthday Cake with Sparkler
Reaching for the Morning Sun
Cat Breakfast and Tie Selection
Bouncy Unicorn Birthday Greeting
Morning Purple Hearts Kitty
Dawn City Skyline
Big Birthday Sparkling GIF
Daisies Love Sunshine
Sun and Silhouette Mountains
Breakfast with a View
Silly Puppy Birthday Banner
Good Morning Coffee and Donut
Fish Jumping Good Morning
Fireworks Birthday Card
Balloon Floating Hedgehog
Cute Kitten Sunshine Bringer
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