Animated GIFs

Customize and personalize GIFs and stickers

Choose a gif from our growing directory of gifs than can be customized. Selected gifs can be personalized, colors and fonts, changed, or have their animations directly edited.

Note that duplicate thumbnails will animate differently

Birthday Chick in a meadow
Pink Beer Birthday GIF and cake
Purple birthday cake slice with candles
Nighttime Marquee and moon
Cake and birthday greeting
Cupcakes on a bar
Birthday Card Birthday Cake Slideshow
Surprised Scarlett Johansson meme gif
Penguin Waving Happy Birthday
Slice of birthday cake with candles
Magic hat, birthday cake, magic wand
Party hats and balloons outside
Employee of the month with fireworks
Beer and fireworks
Pinwheels spinning in meadow
Happy birthday cake and celebration
Star Fireworks behind animated birthday wishes
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